Enabling safe, reliable social distancing and contact tracing

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SpaceBands have been helping essential businesses stay open.

We have been working with some of the world’s leading manufacturing, logistics and healthcare companies.

We are enabling safe, reliable social distancing and contact tracing.

We understand that at present employers have limited budgets - this is why we have worked hard to develop the most affordable social distancing and contact tracing aid.

SpaceBand devices light up, vibrate and beep when users get too close to each other. Each device then stores details of these interactions which can be accessed on the contact tracing section of our free app.

Our devices are ready to use straight from the box. 

Quick and easy to set up and roll out at scale with absolutely no hidden or ongoing costs.

SpaceBands social distancing devices do not need to be connected to our app. 

Our free app simply enables access to contact tracing reports and device settings when they are needed.

You can implement bubble systems by grouping devices together (meaning they won't alert with devices within their bubble), change alert distances, set device passwords and sleep times to suit your workplace needs.

If a positive COVID-19 test is identified, our platform will display at-risk contacts which mitigates the risk of further infections instantly. No personal data is ever held and everything is stored locally - removing any security risk.

Spacebands lower the risk of transmission so that you can keep your business doors open and reduce your staff anxieties. 

Can we help you to make your workforce feel safe in this new normal?

Visit www.spacebands.co.uk

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