5 Ways To Make Your Workforce Feel Safe During COVID-19

Companies everywhere are quickly adjusting their operations and implementing policies in order to put the safety of their employees first. Here are 5 ways to improve your staff’s well-being at this difficult time:


  1. Be Transparent

Listen to your employees personal concerns, don’t shy away from addressing difficult topics that are on most employee’s minds. Check in with your employees and see how they’re feeling. If you don’t ask questions, you often won’t get answers - ask how people are feeling.

Be reliable and thoughtful. Be transparent and keep the lines of communication open. You may not have all the answers, but by making an effort during this difficult time your employees will feel there’s hope at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Embrace in Bubbles/Co-Horting 

Limit the spread of COVID-19 within your workforce by having the same employees work in the same areas and shifts. Start to establish bubble systems if you haven’t already - even if you are working remotely: when you return to the office, staff will need to collaborate and cohort, ease this process by taking the right steps now.

Split up workers into groups to avoid cross-contamination from taking place. They only remain in contact with one another. Make contact tracing as simple as possible.

You can bubble employees together easily and keep accurate contact tracing logs with SpaceBands.


  1. Emphasize the Importance of Community Safety

Ensuring the agreed-upon procedures are followed by everyone will go a long way in providing safety to your employees. Everyone should play their part to create the safest environment possible. This can be done with physical distance but also with a cohesive approach to mental well-being, create a community at work that cares for each-other. After all, the only way employees are going to truly feel safe is by highlighting how their actions (or lack of) impact not just their health but the entire communities as well.


  1. Technology – automation and touch-less

Harvard University has said that Social Distancing will be in place in some form until 2023, so start adjusting and purchasing suitable technology now. 

When it is a necessity to return to shared spaces, use the latest COVID-19 safety technology, SpaceBands.

SpaceBands are a UK company providing the most affordable social distancing wearable on the market. Our simple technology aids social distancing and contact tracing in workplaces all over the world. 

SpaceBands light up, vibrate and beep when users get too close to each other. Each device then stores details of these interactions which can be accessed on the contact tracing section of our free app.


  1. Ensure that your whole team have an opinion on your returning to physical work plans

– a holistic approach is the best approach. Let the whole team have a say...

Speak to your facilities team for space planning and cleaning regimes.Speak to HR for an input with flexible work schedules. Marketing for branding updates (customers want to know that you are taking the right measures too!). Speak to IT to ensure a full re-purposing of existing technology and discussions about your new IT requirements. This should not just be a leadership decision; everyone should be involved to ensure staff feel safe.

For those who can't work from home during the pandemic - give them a thank-you. Millions of employees around the globe can't fulfill their roles offsite and are facing some major challenges now. Therefore, employers need to find a way to support them and provide exceptional employee experience.


Even though there is still uncertainty on what comes next, we’re committed to making this transition as easy as possible for you and your employees… www.spacebands.co.uk

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