SpaceBands™ give vibrating and/or audio alerts to the user when they are too close to another person wearing a SpaceBand™. £24.99 per unit with no hidden costs at all - you will get free unlimited access to the SpaceBands app.

Working in accordance with government advice and guidelines.

Devices store details of which devices have been in contact with each other so that you can easily contact trace.

Customisable distancing alerts: 0-1m l 0-2m | 0-3m

Group together (bubble), disable or mute devices easily on our app.

Can be worn as a wristband or lanyard necklace.

Change the settings of your device at any time by using our free app.

Long-lasting battery life. Up to 10 days on a single charge. Rechargeable using micro-USB.

CE and RED Certified. Safe to roll out into any workplace.

The device will vibrate, flash red and/or beep when a user gets too close to another person wearing a SpaceBand. 

No personal information is ever held, all of your data is stored locally on your device. No data is stored on the cloud. Safe and simple.

Whilst SpaceBands™ do not eliminate the risk of infection entirely, they help to lower the risk and alleviate shared concerns by reminding users that there should be distance between us during this pandemic.