5 Things Your Business Should Do Before Returning To The Office During COVID-19

Before inviting your employees to return to the workplace, it is important to ensure that you are doing the right thing. Even if you have been closed for business don’t assume that no one has brought the virus into the office. Sanitize. Use technology. Be mindful. Here are 5 steps you should take before opening your doors.


  1. Sanitize stations 

It is important to ensure that your spaces have been thoroughly cleaned. Sanitize. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your employees from harm, and you have both a legal and ethical duty to provide them with a safe workplace. Provide sanitation supplies for your workers. Give clear instructions for sanitation, and post them where appropriate (in break rooms, in communal spaces like elevators and conference rooms, etc.). Enforce the cleaning policies and educate your employees on their importance.

  1. Review shared spaces in the office

People need a variety of places to interact. Before the crisis sent everyone home, open spaces and enclosed conference rooms were popular. Collaboration spaces need to be adapted. Employees need to be able to connect and bond with their colleagues, which can positively impact how connected they are to the company culture. Both open and enclosed spaces will need to support a wide range of tasks, provide easy access to power and collaborative technology most most importantly, make Space - so employees feel more relaxed and comfortable as they work.

  1. Identify social distancing procedures

Employers need to identify social distancing rules appropriate to their specific workplaces and functions. Understandably, staff are becoming unresponsive to social distancing signs and tape. Furthermore, customers want to see professional and effective measures being taken by businesses to keep them safe. One way systems and signs are not achieving this anymore. SpaceBands provide real-time contact tracing and social distancing wearables that work indoors and outdoors, without infrastructure requirements. Remain at a safe distance and track those who are not. Reassure your workforce, and your customers. The most effective and affordable social distancing wristband on the market.

  1. Check in with your employees and see how they’re feeling

Communicate. If you are worried about your employees’ engagement and productivity levels when working remotely, helping your employees better understand your vision is the way to go - rather than condemning past work.

Enable managers to build better relationships with their teams. A manager's role is actually critical here and it directly influences employee experience.


  1. Embrace new technology

Harvard University has said that Social Distancing will be in place in some form until 2023, so start adjusting and purchasing suitable technology now. When it is a necessity to return to shared spaces, use the latest COVID-19 safety technology, SpaceBands.

SpaceBands is a UK company providing the most affordable social distancing wearables on the market. Our simple technology aids social distancing and contact tracing in workplaces all over the world. 

SpaceBands light up, vibrate and beep when users get too close to each other. Each device then stores details of these interactions which can be accessed on the contact tracing section of our free app.

A switch to individual equipment revolutionises our personal connection with technology but technology can also help to make our workplaces worker friendly and safer.

You can bubble employees together easily with SpaceBands.


Even though there is still uncertainty on what comes next, we’re committed to making this transition as easy as possible for you and your employees. www.spacebands.co.uk

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