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Why We Shouldn’t Get Complacent About COVID-19 At Work

Why We Shouldn’t Get Complacent About COVID-19 At Work

It has been a difficult time for everyone, and a dramatic change in people’s lives.

Two years into the pandemic and we have been through ups and downs, with lockdowns, social distancing measures and regulations, we have been fighting this situation with everything that we have got. As mortality rate and hospital admission rates go down, the government is also easing up on certain regulations, with the anticipation of things going back to normal.

But with the Omicron variant becoming more infectious and observing a rise in covid cases again, is this really the time for us to get complacent?

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Businesses are looking to get back into the office

As businesses are working to return to how they were, employees are also asked to come back into the workplace. It is still essential to protect the health and well-being of everyone in order to keep the workplace a safe environment.

That is why spacebands is still here to help businesses maintain social distancing measures and contact tracing with an affordable and modern solution.

spacebands have been working tirelessly with a vast range of sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education and many more throughout the pandemic to combat the spread of coronavirus.

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Why should businesses adopt our technology?

Well, we want to keep it simple and hassle-free for everyone, as they have so much on their plates already. spacebands offers an easy, safe and tailored long-term solution to suit your workplace needs. Our wearables can effectively help your workplace create safe working bubbles and mitigate the risk of further infections.

Our products come with a free app that helps you and your colleagues manage how you want to keep your workplace protected. Our app offers flexible customisations, with secure password locks and a simple to use interface. No personal data is stored on the app, only tracking and tracing information, such as contact times and duration would be recorded for you to easily analyse the data.

We at spacebands want to help all businesses, big or small, to maintain a safe environment and continue to reduce the impact of COVID-19. We should all still be aware that the pandemic is still ongoing and not get overly comfortable even if policies are loosened. Together, we can all help to build a safer workplace and see through these tough times.

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