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Learn how spacebands technology works

spacebands' solution makes complicated health & safety issues in the workplace easier to identify and understand what changes need to be made

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Check-in Hub

Used to enable our attendance monitoring and lone worker systems. Wearables simply ‘check in’ or ‘check out’ from the Check-in Hub so that we can track occupancy and lone working time.

If you do not want to use the lone working or attendence monitoring features, then you do not need to purchase a Check-In Hub.

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check in hubs are used for the lone worker and attendance monitoring features
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Wearables operate indoors and outdoors without infrastructure requirements. spacebands capture the data from wearables whilst they are being charged - this enables devices to work independently without the need for an internet connection.

Wearables perform continuous checks (preventing hazards in real time) whilst monitoring exposure to dangerous environments (providing insights from historical events).

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spacebands wearable watch alerts users of hazards in real time
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Placed in buildings, or directly onto moving machinery. Beacons send an outbound signal to our wearables so that we can detect proximity; they are used in a building for our PPE reminders, certification checks and unauthorized access zone checks; or they are are placed on machines, robots or vehicles to detect collision events or near-misses.

If you do not want to use the machinery monitoring or proximity check features

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Beacons send a signal to wearable devices to warn about potential hazards
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Charging Station

Used to give our wearables a recharge when they require one.

Charging stations also act as a data-transfer tool between the wearable device and the spacebands server.

Once data is uploaded to the server, it will automatically populate in the admin analytics dashboard so that you can analyse and utilise effective reports about your workplace safety data.

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charging stations transfer stored safety information from the wearable device

Learn more about the spacebands analytics dashboard

The spacebands analytics dashboard is where all the information from accidents and near misses recorded by the wearable devices is stored. Admins are also able to configure device settings from the dash.

spacebands health and safety organisational information

Watch the Explainer

We've put together a simple explainer to show you how the devices work together to keep your workforce safe.

spacebands mobile app allows users to control features and read saved information

Configure your settings and view your data using the mobile app

Our mobile app offers a free, on the go, connection to your devices. Users can view singular device data, or organisational data without an internet connection.


Keep your staff safe

Use data to protect your staff appropriately. Devices stores details about your workplace hazards which can be accessed on the safety dashboard – desktop and mobile.

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upgrade your safety technology with spacebands
upgrade your technology

Why replace existing safety systems?

spacebands offers a modern, affordable and completely customisable long-term solution to suit your workplace needs.

Our system can be customised remotely without the need for an engineer or tech team.

We protect your workplace from a range of hazards and safety issues, continually improving on performance.


Wearability and compliance

spacebands are comfortable, lightweight, thin and durable, with a battery life of up to 3 days and reach full charge in just 3 hours, ensuring the bands are hassle-free for users.

As spacebands create a collaborative ecosystem for well-being and safety at work, devices should be worn by all employees.

spacebands devices are easy to wear and remain charged for days
spacebands devices protect user privacy, as well as user health & safety
data privacy


spacebands products strictly adhere to data security laws and protect employees' privacy rights.

Personal information is never stored on any device to eliminate any risk of privacy breaches. Moreover, spacebands do not possess GPS capabilities, ensuring employees' peace of mind regarding tracking concerns.

The collected data is anonymous by default, unless an employer assigns a device to an individual, enabling personalised reporting. Alternatively, companies have the flexibility to use the same device for different individuals and gain holistic insights into health and safety data across the organisation.

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