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Keep your workforce safe and your assets secure

Ensure workers’ safety by warning them when they enter an area they aren’t authorised to be in

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protect your assets and worker safety with access control

Protect workers and assets with real-time alerts

Unauthorised access can lead to theft, property damage, or endanger workers’ safety if they enter areas they aren’t cleared to be in.

They may not be familiar with safety protocols or have the necessary training, increasing the likelihood of accidents. This can result in injuries, legal liabilities, and damage to your company’s reputation.

spacebands’ alert users when they enter an area they aren’t meant to be in, increasing safety and compliance in the workplace.

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one wearable protects staff from multiple hazards


Unauthorised zone warnings in real time

Unauthorised zone checks help identify areas that may pose a risk to worker safety.

Unauthorised zone checks are often required by occupational health and safety regulations to ensure that workplaces are safe.

By identifying and controlling access to unauthorised zones, the risk of accidents and injuries can be significantly reduced.

Preventing accidents and injuries can result in cost savings by reducing the need for medical care, worker compensation claims, and equipment repairs or replacements.

spacebands mobile app allows users to control features and read saved information

Unauthorised access

In order to use spacebands’ unauthorised access system you will need the equipment below:

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Beacons send a signal to nearby wearables...

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Wearables alert users to potential hazards...

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Customisable Settings:

spacebands’ wearable wristband triggers an alert to activate if a worker enters an area they do not have access rights for, informing them that they have entered an unauthorised zone. Alerts are triggered via proximity to a beacon which can be placed at areas that require access rights for entry.

Unauthorised access alerts are saved and the information is synced to the dashboard.

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Alert Distance:

Between 1m - 10m

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Mute specific wearables from alert

unauthorised access is a safety concern for professionals

75% of safety pro's consider unauthorised access to be a significant safety concern

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry accounts for the highest number of workplace fatalities due to falls from heights, with unauthorised access to restricted areas being a contributing factor.

A report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK found that 11% of workplace fatalities were caused by falls from heights, and failure to control access to unauthorised areas was a contributing factor in many of these incidents.


Protect staff against...

Save lives and cut costs with spacebands unique and affordable wearables.

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Unauthorised access zone check icon
Unauthorised Access Zone Checks
This feature uses a Beacon to check if users can access an unauthorized zone and alerts accordingly.
Machine to Person Collision icon

Machine to Person Collision

Safety Feature

This feature uses a Beacon on forklifts/machinery to alert wearables in proximity (Distance customisable).

PPE Prompts icon

PPE Prompts

Safety Feature

This feature uses a Beacon to check if users have the required personal protective equipment.

Decibel Monitoring icon

Decibel Monitoring

Safety Feature

Monitors loud noise levels; alerting the user to overexposure and PPE requirements.

HAVS (hand arm vibration) icon

HAVS (hand arm vibration)

Safety Feature

The wearable device measures hand and arm movement during machinery operation, tracking exposure time and maximum session duration.

SOS Alarm icon

SOS Alarm

Safety Feature

The wearable device supports SOS alarm activation, alerting nearby wearables in real-time via a Bluetooth mesh network.

Trips and Falls icon

Trips and Falls

Safety Feature

The wearable device detects trips and falls, triggering an alarm with customisable alert type and duration.

Unauthorised access icon

Unauthorised Access Zone Checks

Safety Feature

This feature uses a Beacon to check if users can access an unauthorized zone and alerts accordingly.

Certification Checks at Access Zones icon

Certification Checks at Access Zones

Safety Feature

This feature uses a Beacon to check if users have the required certification for accessing specific areas.

Machine to Person Collision icon

Working at Height (coming soon)

Safety Feature

Alert users working at height via spacebands' wearable device to wear safety gear.

Temperature Checks (environmental) icon

Temperature Checks (coming soon)

Safety Feature

Track environmental temperature; set temperature threshold alerts, and record temperature data.

Building Occupancy Monitoring icon

Building Occupancy (coming soon)

Safety Feature

Monitor attendance, using check-in/check-out and shift tracking.

Lone Worker Tracking icon

Lone Worker (coming soon)

Safety Feature

Alert users to check in periodically when working alone.

Social Distancing icon

Social Distancing (coming soon)

Safety Feature

Track proximity to other devices, capturing time, duration, and device contact information.

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Unauthorised access zone check icon
Unauthorised Access Zone Checks
This feature uses a Beacon to check if users can access an unauthorized zone and alerts accordingly.

Keep your staff safe

Use data to protect your staff appropriately. Devices stores details about your workplace hazards which can be accessed on the safety dashboard – desktop and mobile.

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Keep your staff happy

spacebands offers multiple well-being features for your staff. See our pricing page for more information. Increase productivity and staff morale with spacebands unique and affordable wearables.

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spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

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Sarah H

HSE Manager

spacebands are a game-changer for us.  The customisation options are fantastic, and they have so many features that other wearables don't. Now I feel confident we have the best tools to keep our team safe.

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Mark C

HSE Director

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is a top priority.  spacebands' wearables have been invaluable. The data we get is super detailed and helps us identify areas for improvement.

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Alex P

EHS Officer

We were blown away by the depth of data it collects but what really sets spacebands apart is how incredibly easy they are to implement.

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David N

Site Manager

We were facing challenges in finding a health and safety wearable that could operate effectively in areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.


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Investing in spacebands is a great way to prove to your workforce that you genuinely care about their safety and well-being at work.

Our system keeps employees safe, as well as saving HSE managers significant time spent on admin, freeing up time to focus on keeping your team safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

What is a controlled access device?

A controlled access device is a device or system that restricts access to a particular area or resource based on authorization or permission. These devices are commonly used in security systems to ensure that only authorised individuals are able to access certain areas or resources.

What types of businesses or industries benefit from access and zone check devices?

Access and zone check devices are typically used in businesses or industries where access control and security are critical. spacebands devices alert users to unauthorised access in certain areas in manufacturing, logistics and construction industries; we also collect data so that you know how many staff members are stepping foot in the wrong places.

Can I see which user has entered an unauthorised area?

spacebands values the privacy of individual users, so the device won’t tell you who entered an unauthorised area, but you will know which device entered the area as it will have saved the alert on the wearable. The information will also be sent to the analytics dashboard when the device is next charged at a charging station. If a wearable device is assigned to a user, you will know who has entered an unauthorised area.

Why are controlled access and unauthorised zone checks important?

Controlled access and unauthorised zone checks are important for several reasons:

Security: By controlling access to certain areas or resources, organisations can prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing sensitive information or resources. This helps to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these resources.

Safety: Restricted areas may contain hazardous materials or dangerous equipment, and unauthorised access to these areas could result in serious injury or harm. By controlling access to these areas, organisations can ensure the safety of their employees and others who may be in the area.

Compliance: Certain industries or organisations may be required to comply with specific regulations or standards related to access control and security. By implementing controlled access and unauthorised zone checks, organisations can ensure they are meeting these requirements.

Liability: If an unauthorised individual gains access to a restricted area and causes damage or harm, the organisation may be held liable for any resulting damages or injuries. By implementing access controls and regular checks, organisations can reduce their risk of liability.

How do controlled access devices improve workplace safety?

Controlled access devices warn unauthorised individuals from entering sensitive or potentially dangerous areas. For example, entering a chemical storage area.

Can I control access permissions through the spacebands dashboard?

Yes, admins can control access permissions on the dashboard and allow access to areas (mute unauthorised access alerts) to specific wearables devices.

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