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Safety for less

Subscription Plans

spacebands unique solution offers a cost-effective way of reducing accidents, saving lives and reducing legal claims. All devices are the same price with no additional hidden costs (set-up fees, straps, training)

Protect your staff from just £20 per wearable per month

Keep your teams safe from just £25 per employee, per month (less than £1 per day).

spacebands' simple subscription based pricing gives access to all safety and well-being features from just £25 per wearable device per month.

Companies can choose to allocate an individual wearable to a specific worker to track individual safety performance; or opt to use the same wearable for different workers across shifts - lowering the monthly cost.

spacebands technology works out to be a lot cheaper than similar devices, offers significantly more safety and well-being features, and is much easier to implement in the workplace.

Mobile & dashboard accounts included free

Staff can view their individual device data at any time by downloading the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Store. The app is free of charge for all users.

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