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Earn rewards for keeping people safe

Get an exciting activity for your team (spacebands customers) or a gift voucher (non-customers), when someone you refer signs up with spacebands*

spacebands referral program - earn rewards for keeping workers safe
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Watch the Explainer

Watch our explainer video to see how the referral program works


Frequently Asked Questions

spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

How do I get my unique referral link?

Once you sign up by clicking the join button, you will be sent an email which will contain your unique referral link.

Can I choose where to take my team out?

Yes, you can take your team out anywhere you choose, up to the value of £500. Because spacebands will be keeping your team safe at work, we recommend adding a bit of danger to your activity and trying something like axe throwing, a shooting range, an amusement park, or white water rafting - anything to get the adrenaline pumping! Terms and conditions apply.

Is there a limit to how many referrals I can be rewarded for?

No! There is no limit on the amount you can earn on the referral program. As a customer, you can accumulate credit for one really big activity - or you can take them as you get them and become the most popular health & safety manager in all the land. As a non-customer, you can earn as many gift vouchers for yourself as possible, and we will always double the amount as a donation to a charity of your choice.

How will you know if someone uses my unique URL to purchase?

Your unique referral link is linked to our system. When someone clicks through to the spacebands website from your link, our analytics software will know they have come from your link. If they go on to purchase in the future, you will be credited with the sale, and receive your reward.

I’m not a spacebands customer but I would like to join the program, what would I receive?

If you aren’t a spacebands customer, you can still join the referral program. For each successful sale, you will receive a £250 gift voucher & spacebands will also donate £250 to a charity of your choice. Terms and conditions apply.

What if I move companies, will I still get the credit?

If the credit has not yet been applied to your current company, then we can apply the credit to your new company. Once credit has been assigned, we cannot then remove it.


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Investing in spacebands is a great way to prove to your workforce that you genuinely care about their safety and well-being at work.

Our system keeps employees safe, as well as saving HSE managers significant time spent on admin, freeing up time to focus on keeping your team safe.

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Safety insights

Using spacebands will give you insight to reduce accidents and increase awareness

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