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spacebands can make a significant difference to the overall health and safety of your employees, and we would love to give you a demonstration of how our system works.

During the demo, you will have the opportunity to see the products in action and learn about the various features.

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spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

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Sarah H

HSE Manager

spacebands are a game-changer for us.  The customisation options are fantastic, and they have so many features that other wearables don't. Now I feel confident we have the best tools to keep our team safe.

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Mark C

HSE Director

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is a top priority.  spacebands' wearables have been invaluable. The data we get is super detailed and helps us identify areas for improvement.

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Alex P

EHS Officer

We were blown away by the depth of data it collects but what really sets spacebands apart is how incredibly easy they are to implement.

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David N

Site Manager

We were facing challenges in finding a health and safety wearable that could operate effectively in areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.


Frequently Asked Questions

spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

Will the demonstration focus on the features I’m interested in?

Our product experts will give you an overview of the spacebands features so you know what’s available, but if there are specific features that you’re interested in then let us know when making your booking and we can focus more on those features.

Can I invite my team into the demonstration?

Yes, the more the merrier! When making your demonstration booking you can add as many people in as you would like.

Will the spacebands’ team help me to customise my devices?

Our customer service team is always here to help, not just up until the point of sale. We will help you with onboarding and implementing the devices in your workplace.

How long does the demonstration last?

Demonstrations generally last around half an hour but it really depends on what features you’re interested in and what you would like to know about the spacebands product.

What happens after the demo if I like the product?

If you like the product then you can either get a trial of the spacebands devices and see the impact it can make on your workplace or you can purchase online from our secure checkout page.

Can I book another demo in the future to get my manager in on the call?

Yes, we understand that a health & safety purchase is one of the most important commitments a company can make. If you would like to book another demonstration in the future then you are more than welcome to.

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