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The charging station is a multi-port charger to charge multiple wearables. All data held on wearables will be sent to our cloud server when plugged in

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charging stations charge wearable devices and transfer health & safety information

Charging Stations

Charging stations can charge up to 4 spacebands wearable devices at any one time. It takes up to 4 hours to fully charge a wearable device.

The charging station is our data sharing device. It has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Data is transferred from wearable devices via Bluetooth when a wearable is placed on the charging station, the charging station then shares this data with the dashboard.

Recorded data is sent each time the wearable is connected to the charging station (if the charging station has an internet connection).

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spacebands have a range of safety features designed to save lives, improve awareness and reduce costs.

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Check-In Hub

Used for Lone Working and Building Occupancy features...

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Beacons send a signal to nearby wearables...

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Wearables alert users to potential hazards...

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Accident and near miss data is saved to the analytics dash...

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Mobile App

Users can view stored data and view settings...

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spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

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Sarah H

HSE Manager

spacebands are a game-changer for us.  The customisation options are fantastic, and they have so many features that other wearables don't. Now I feel confident we have the best tools to keep our team safe.

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Mark C

HSE Director

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is a top priority.  spacebands' wearables have been invaluable. The data we get is super detailed and helps us identify areas for improvement.

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Alex P

EHS Officer

We were blown away by the depth of data it collects but what really sets spacebands apart is how incredibly easy they are to implement.

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David N

Site Manager

We were facing challenges in finding a health and safety wearable that could operate effectively in areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.


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Investing in spacebands is a great way to prove to your workforce that you genuinely care about their safety and well-being at work.

Our system keeps employees safe, as well as saving HSE managers significant time spent on admin, freeing up time to focus on keeping your team safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

How long does the charging station take to charge up spacebands wearables?

Your wearable devices will charge in around 4 hours. The battery life on devices will last for around 2 full working days.

How many devices can be charged on one charging station?

You can charge up to 4 devices on one spacebands charging station. Charging stations can connect to other charging stations, allowing you to charge multiple stations from one charging socket.

What kind of connectivity does the charging station offer?

In most cases the wearables are not available to buy outright. This is because the products regularly receive software updates without our customers needing to purchase more devices.

However, there are extenuating circumstances where customers can request to purchase hardware outright; short-term construction builds for example. Software will always require a monthly licence to access however. Get in touch with us for a quote if you’re interested in purchasing devices outright.

What type of socket is the charging station suitable for?

Our charging stations can be used worldwide but come with a UK plug. We can provide adapters for your specific country. Our wearable devices must be charged on the charging station, they cannot simply be plugged into a wall socket as we utilise the charging station to share data to our servers.

Can you visually see when the devices are fully charged?

The charging station displays when wearables are charging and indicates when they are fully charged. The wearable screen will show you how charging is progressing.

How do I know how many charging stations I’ll need?

You should buy 1 charging station for every 4 wearable devices.

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