Wearable technology to keep staff safe.

Detect multiple hazards effortlessly. Collate data so that you can make informed decisions about your workplace safety whilst prompting staff to action wellness at work.

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data privacy

We care about data privacy.

We understand that staff can be hesitant about data being collected. This is why every feature we build is built with employees' privacy at the forefront of development. It's important that employee privacy is respected at all times. 


Trusted by leading businesses worldwide.

spacebands is proudly working with over 1000+ businesses worldwide. We have a reputation of improving workplace safety. Get in touch if your business would also like to work with us.


Web & mobile applications.

spacebands is a wearable device that collaborates with our mobile app and web app ecosystem. We offer hazard prompts, wellness reminders and employee feedback about your workplace dangers, so that you stop approaching safety practices with guess-work.

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