spacebands are not employee tracking devices

When leaders focus on safety, it tells employees that leadership cares about them

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Employee engagement for workplace wearable devicespacebands devices do not track workers
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getting employee engagement with new health and safety practices

spacebands make adoption easy

Getting employee engagement when implementing new technologies within your workplace is a crucial step for ensuring the success of any change.

Leadership often assume that employees will just go along with any change imposed in a workplace, but if employees don’t understand or believe in the coming changes; or feel threatened by them, the proposed change has a lower success rate.

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We value privacy

Keep workers safe whilst protecting their privacy

Devices capture data from employees anonymously; employees can pick up a different device each day and the system will still provide you with invaluable and actionable information on your health and safety practices.

We only capture data that will offer insights to improve your safety practices, not track workers. spacebands wearable devices do not feature GPS technology; they use bluetooth technology to communicate safety alerts to wearers.

keep workers safe from injury without invading their privacy

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Investing in spacebands is a great way to prove to your workforce that you genuinely care about their safety and well-being at work.

Our system keeps employees safe, as well as saving HSE managers significant time spent on admin, freeing up time to focus on keeping your team safe.

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Gain administrative and operational insights

Using spacebands will give you insight into areas that can be improved to reduce accidents and increase awareness

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