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How a social-distancing business plans to survive beyond Covid-19

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How a social-distancing wristband business plans to survive beyond Covid-19

30 Second Interview: The founders of spacebands say they could be used for other workplace safety measures

This week’s 30 Second Interview is with Harry Kimberley-Bowen and Ronan Finnegan, who launched SpaceBands, the social-distancing wristbands company, last May

How and when did the business start?

We are two Bristol-born childhood friends, each with a background in starting and managing small businesses, and founded spacebands during the first lockdown in May 2020. We have created a product that is helping essential businesses to stay open.

Using Shopify to establish our business online, spacebands have now been sold in lots of sectors in countries all around the world – selling as far as Australia! We have created a product that is helping essential businesses stay open.

Is the idea that this will mainly be used by businesses?

The wristbands light up, vibrate and beep when users get too close to each other and are a highly innovative solution to one of the biggest problems we’re facing as a society.

For the most part, our customers are in manufacturing and production – essential businesses that must remain open – though they are also in the construction, healthcare and TV/film sectors. Sony, Amazon, Oerlikon, ITV Studios, MoD Barracks and NHS Business are among our customers.

Ronan Finnegan (right) and Harry Kimberley Bowen.
Ronan Finnegan (right) and Harry Kimberley Bowen.

What’s the plan for this year?

Social distancing will no doubt remain the norm in most countries for a long time. Progress with the vaccine roll-out is promising, but until we reach global heard immunity, we can help schools and businesses to keep people safe.

What other uses do you think are possible?

There are also many use cases for our current devices already that extend away from social distancing. Heavy machinery, such as forklift trucks, for example, require 2 metres’ distancing at all times.

The number of potential applications are endless.

Dan Bayliss, spacebands' Marketing Manager

Dan Bayliss

Head of Marketing

Dan enjoys reading, listening to and playing music, gaming and visiting new places.

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