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Real time attendance monitoring and lone worker safety

The core purpose of the hub is to allow employees to check in/out of work and to activate lone worker mode on the wearables

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Check-in hubs are used for lone worker and occupancy monitoring safety features

Check-in hub

The check-in hub is used for lone workers to check in at regular intervals to ensure they are kept safe. If a lone worker does not check-in the hub will send an emergency message to an admin.

The hub is also used as a check-in device for workers arriving to work, allowing real-time attendance monitoring and building occupancy.

The check-in hub is waterproof and safe to use indoors or outdoors. It has a minimum of 1 week battery life, which can be recharged or you can use a direct mains power source.

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spacebands have a range of safety features designed to save lives, improve awareness and reduce costs.

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spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

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Sarah H

HSE Manager

spacebands are a game-changer for us.  The customisation options are fantastic, and they have so many features that other wearables don't. Now I feel confident we have the best tools to keep our team safe.

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Mark C

HSE Director

Keeping our employees safe and healthy is a top priority.  spacebands' wearables have been invaluable. The data we get is super detailed and helps us identify areas for improvement.

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Alex P

EHS Officer

We were blown away by the depth of data it collects but what really sets spacebands apart is how incredibly easy they are to implement.

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David N

Site Manager

We were facing challenges in finding a health and safety wearable that could operate effectively in areas with poor Wi-Fi connectivity.


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Investing in spacebands is a great way to prove to your workforce that you genuinely care about their safety and well-being at work.

Our system keeps employees safe, as well as saving HSE managers significant time spent on admin, freeing up time to focus on keeping your team safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

spacebands are helping Health & Safety managers around the world reduce accidents, injuries and legal claims

Will users get alerted if they forget to check in using the hub?

Yes, if a check-in period has been exceeded for lone working, the wearable user will be alerted with a beep, vibrate and light. This will prompt the user to check in as appropriate.

Is there an SOS setting on the check-in hub in case of emergency?

If the device is in lone worker mode, and a check in is missed, then after a set duration of time, an SMS message will be sent to your emergency admin contact.If the wearable detects that the user has suffered a serious trip/fall event, then it will send a signal out to all nearby spacebands wearers to alert them about the incident.There is also an SOS feature on the device, so if a user finds themselves in an emergency situation, they can send an SOS out to nearby devices.

What kind of connectivity does the check-in hub use?

The Hub has internet capabilities (WiFi). It connects to spacebands’ servers via the internet to send real-time updates to the dashboard regarding lone workers and attendance. It also connects to the mobile app via internet connection and Bluetooth.

Is there a visual cue to let users know they’ve successfully checked in?

The Hub has a display screen to notify employees when they’ve checked in/out successfully. The display screen will also tell employees when they’ve successfully entered in or out of lone worker mode or checked back in whilst still being in lone worker mode.

How long does the charge last on a check-in hub?

The check in hub charge lasts for a minimum of 1 week. It can be used via rechargeable battery power, or via a wall socket.

Can one check-in hub be used for multiple spacebands safety features?

The check-in hub can be used for attendance monitoring and lone working at the same time. There is a button on the front of the device that allows the user to flick between these two modes.

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